A Hong Kong beauty vlogger has posted a makeup tutorial teaching others how to look like Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying. Joshi Fu posted in video earlier this year amid fears that the Copyright Amendment bill – also known as the “internet Article 23” – would be passed.


Throughout the video, Fu is merciless with her criticism of the Chief Executive and sneaks snarky and hilarious remarks into the subtitles whenever possible.

“689 isn’t afraid to show us his true face and how evil he really looks – he doesn’t need foundation,” she said.

“Use shadows to make your face brown and yellow – kind of like a piece of poo. But his blackness comes from his heart, so just try your best.”

“You can add a couple more strokes [to your eyebrows] with your eyeliner, if it makes you look like a thief, then you look like 689.”


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