A fire broke out on Friday at a warehouse storing fuel and chemicals in Jingjiang, Jiangsu province, state media reports said.

Photo: Weibo.

The fire at New Port Park released a plume of smoke reaching heights of 20 to 30 metres. No casualties have yet been reported.

Photo: Weibo.

The blaze was caused by an explosion which occurred at around 8am at a warehouse belonging to Jiangsu Deqiao Storage Co., Ltd.

An alarm was raised immediately at the warehouse and at two neighbouring villages. Two smaller explosions followed around an hour later.

Photo: Weibo.

Emergency personnel dispatched to the scene said that the combustion was caused by two gasoline cans, leading to two storage tanks being burnt down, according to Modern Express.

The warehouse is home to several gasoline, diesel and chemical tanks.

A massive blast at a chemical factory in Tianjin last year killed at least 165 and sparked calls for greater transparency and improved regulations.


Isaac Cheung

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