Over 30 young individuals from various pro-democracy groups have jointly signed a declaration entitled “Resolution for Hong Kong’s Future”, stating that Hongkongers themselves should decide the political status of Hong Kong after 2047.

The declaration, which was posted on Reform HK’s page on Thursday morning, was signed by pro-democracy figures acting in their personal capacity. They include Civic Party members Alvin Yeung and Tanya Chan, the Democratic Party’s Eric Lam, political science scholar Brian Fong, and social commentator Max Wong.

resolution for hk's future
The declaration was posted onto Reform HK’s facebook page. Photo: Reform HK via Facebook.

The declaration said that when the pro-democracy camp strived towards the ideals of a “democratic handover” in the 1980s, they thought that the mainland would carry out political reforms after its economic reforms, and eventually implement democracy in Hong Kong. However, this did not happen, meaning that they have reached a dead end and will have to take initiative regarding Hong Kong’s future, it said.

Principle of self-determination

The declaration also demanded the right to determine Hong Kong’s affairs internally in accordance with self-determination principles laid out under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

The group said they believe that Hong Kong’s political status after 2047 should be decided by the people of Hong Kong through mechanisms which carry democratic mandate and are binding, They advocated for “perpetual self-rule” as an alternative to the question of Hong Kong’s future.

Hong Kong’s One Country, Two Systems agreement which gave rise to 50 years of autonomy from 1997 is set to expire in 2047. It is unclear whether the agreement will be extended.

Lee Bo Protest, bookseller disappearance protest
File photo: HKFP.

“We believe that non-violent resistance… can gain the approval of most Hongkongers and bring them together, and it should be the main method of fighting for political reforms.” The group also said they were not opposed to negotiating with Beijing on the topic of Hong Kong’s political status, in accordance with the principles of openness and transparency.

The declaration ended with the group expressing their love for, and belief in Hong Kong, calling for Hongkongers to unite.

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