Localism banners calling for “Cheung Chau people first” appeared over Monday night, as residents and tourists had to endure long wait times for the only ferry between Cheung Chau island and the city during the long weekend from Friday to Monday.

More than ten banners with the words “We strongly demand that Cheung Chau people be considered first to board the only ferry between the city and Cheung Chau island” were hung up around Cheung Chau.

It is unclear who hung up the banners as no organisation or name was written along with the message.

Cheung Chau Banner
Banner at the pier.

Cheung Chau District Councillor Kwong Koon-wan told Apple Daily that he had suggested in the district council and to the Transport Department an arrangement for those with monthly or ticket packages to queue up in a separate lane, but the government has always said that “the present service is enough.”

Apple Daily reported that about 66,000 people travelled to Cheung Chau over the long weekend. Cheung Chau has been a popular destination for locals and tourists alike in recent years, leading to long wait times during the holidays.

Chantal Yuen is a Hong Kong journalist interested in issues dealing with religion and immigration. She majored in German and minored in Middle Eastern studies at Princeton University.