Internet users were aghast after photos of what looked like “an alien” found in a Rice Dream carton were posted on Sunday.

Netizens speculated what the foreign object in the drink could be, with one commenter suggesting that it “looks like some mega magnified alien cells,” on Facebook.

Photo: Anthony Tsang via Facebook.

Anthony Tsang, who posted the pictures, said: “When I saw it, my domestic helper and my wife were shocked. Then we were in a panic. My wife cried several times because she was so worried. But my two sons did not feel sick immediately after. The hygiene department would not specifically follow up with the case. We can only wait for a report from the FEHD [Food and Environmental Health Department].”

According to Tsang, the FEHD came by to collect the foreign object for laboratory testing and told the victim that a report will be available a month later.

Photo: Anthony Tsang via Facebook.

“They should rename that ‘Rice Nightmare,’ it’s keeping me awake right now,” said a Facebook commenter

“OMG so gross. US products are on my banned list,” said another.

One Facebook user suggested the drink had fermented: “The rice fermented especially if there was an opened hole. Long time on the shelf has created mold… Hope the kid is OK…”

Photo: Anthony Tsang via Facebook.

Some netizens also panicked because they drank the same brand of milk. “Aarrrrgghhhh!! I drink this stuff!!!” explained one. 

Others were more blasé: “It’s not the first time to see such gross incidents reported,” said one commenter.

HKFP contacted Hutchison Hain Organic Ltd., which said that the company was unable to provide further details of the product.

It requested a sample of the affected product so that they could conduct testing and analysis through an independent and certified lab.


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