An education centre set up by National People’s Congress Standing Committee member Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai aimed at educating young people on Chinese history, culture and affairs will not contain information on the nationalist-communist civil war or the 1989 Tiananmen massacre.

The centre was co-founded by Fan and another pro-Beijing politician, former Secretary for Justice Elsie Leung Oi-see. Other members serving on the centre’s board include former Home Affairs secretary Tsang Tak-sing, former police commissioner Lee Ming-kwai and Fresh Fish Traders’ School principal Leung Kee-cheong.

press conference on Wednesday. Photo: 勵進教育中心 via Facebook.

The education centre focuses on the use of social media as a medium and will implement a variety of scholarship and exchange projects. It hopes to raise HK$30 million in three years through its charitable counterpart, Ming Pao reported. Its website, which was unveiled at a press conference on Wednesday, currently contains sections on Chinese history, Hong Kong culture and the national anthem.

The website was unveiled on Wednesday.

“We have no political aim, but I can foresee that everyone will think we have a political aim,” Fan said. “Will it be the case that we only talk about the good and not the bad? I can tell you that we’re objective, but you might not believe it. You’re welcome to take a look at the information on our website [to determine] whether or not one sided.”

The website will only cover Chinese history up till the Revolution of 1911. When asked about why there would be no information on certain events in modern Chinese history, Fan said that these issues “only create more controversy, and – if that happened – we would just become a platform for debates.”

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