Fire engines were dispatched to various locations in Mong Kok and Tai Kok Tsui on Friday, after a suspected gas leak was reported. Ambulances were also called after students in the area were reportedly taken unwell.

Students from HKMA David Li Kwok Po College were sent to hospital.

At around 1pm, 52 students at HKMA David Li Kwok Po College in Tai Kok Tsui were hospitalised after breathing in the suspected gas, Oriental Daily reported.

Twelve students from nearby Yaumati Catholic Primary School were also reportedly hospitalised.

Photo: Hong Kong Incident Group, via Facebook.

Fire engines were called to Olympic Station, as passengers complained of the strong odour.

Some restaurants in Mong Kok area were not able to use gas temporarily, reported Oriental Daily, and some of the roads were closed off.

Photo: Hong Kong Incident Group, via Facebook.

A spokesperson for the Hong Kong and China Gas Company told Oriental Daily that staff members were looking into the matter but have not found any gas leaks so far.

An MTR spokesperson told HKFP, “at around 12 pm, Kowloon MTR station received passenger reports that they smelled an odour on a Tung Chung line train towards Hong Kong Station. Our staff checked the train at Hong Kong Station, and everything was normal.”

The spokesperson also said that passengers reported an odour around Olympic Station, but that the smell did not come from there.

“The related authorities are outside Olympic Station in Hoi Fai Road to investigate where the smell comes from,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson also said that they have checked trains and rail lines, as well as Nam Cheong, Austin and Mong Kok stations, and found nothing unusual. MTR added that all train services remain normal and no passengers were reported unwell.

Hermina Wong

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