Ella Koon, a local singer, actress and model, has said that she was insulted face-to-face by a middle-aged woman for breastfeeding in a female changing room, sparking a torrent of reactions from netizens.

“That day I was breastfeeding in a female changing room of a five-star hotel, because I couldn’t find a nursing room on the two floors where I was. And I had already asked the changing room staff member,” said Koon in a Facebook post.

Ella Koon and her child. File Photo: Ella Koon, via Facebook.

“Actually, I had already sat on one side to avoid obstructing others,” she added.

Koon said that the woman went over to stand next to her and deliberately yelled loudly on her phone, complaining about breastfeeding.

“In this day and age, why are there people who still hold prejudices against breastfeeding?” Koon added.

Koon has been a vocal supporter for breastfeeding. Photo: Ella Koon, via Facebook.

Some netizens commented that in other places, such as Canada and Taiwan, there are regulations protecting women who are breastfeeding.

“In February I was in Hong Kong for two weeks… I used a scarf to cover up,” one netizen said. “In Germany, I did not have to cover up at all. I breastfeed everywhere.”

The Natural Parenting Network has voiced their “solidarity” with Koon, and urged the government to pass legislation protecting the rights of women who breastfeed and to install breastfeeding rooms in public places.

Hermina Wong

Hermina is a Hong Kong writer and journalist. She graduated with a degree in politics from Cambridge, and is interested in international affairs, particularly those related to China, the EU and the Middle East. She also enjoys political satire.