Henderson Land Group, who own part of the land in Sheung Shui were houses were bulldozed on Monday, has distanced itself from the people behind the impromptu demolition, reports Apple Daily.

Mystery surrounds the identity of those who demolished the homes in Kwu Tung village.

henderson land group kwu tong demolition sheung shui

Around 2,000 feet of land that was suddenly cleared belonged to a company under the Henderson Land Group property conglomerate, reported Apple Daily. The company had  previously voices its ambition to develop properties in the area.

Though Henderson Group admitted to owning part of the land affected by the demolition, they said that they did not know the people behind it. They also told Apple Daily on Wednesday that they would seek police assistance.

The houses affected were spread over two lots, one owned by a company under the Henderson group and the other by a foreign-registered company. The Henderson lot is around 200,000 feet, of which 2,000 feet were bulldozed.

hut destroyed kwu tung
Photo: 古洞北發展關注組 via Facebook.

The other lot, owned by the British Virgin Islands registered Wise Treasure Development Corp, is around 15,000 feet, according to Apple Daily. The company’s shareholders are currently unknown.

Some Kwu Tung villagers have been left homeless. Member of activist group Land Justice League Au Kwok-kuen said the villagers and a development company under Henderson Land Development Company were involved in an adverse possession lawsuit in 1994.

hut destroyed kwu tung
Photo: 古洞北發展關注組 via Facebook.

Proceedings commenced again last year, with two villagers saying that they had occupied 7,987 feet of land owned by Henderson Land Group for 60 years, reported Apple Daily.

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Adverse possession, more commonly known as squatters’ rights, is a way of acquiring the title of real property through possession of the land for a statutory period of time under certain conditions.

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