A 32-year-old Vietnamese-Canadian has been arrested in connection with the stabbing of a cashier at a convenience store in Yau Ma Tei on Tuesday evening.

The attack happened at a 7-eleven store on Pitt Street. CCTV records showed the two men arguing before the suspect stabbed 39-year-old Cheng Ka-pui with a 20 centimetre-long knife. The employee had reportedly discovered the perpetrator shoplifting a packet of crisps and a carton of chocolate milk from the store. The perpetrator fled the scene following the incident.

The victim (left) and the suspect (right). Photo: Apple Daily.

It is understood that the employee suffered a cardiac arrest at one point and was resuscitated after being rushed to hospital in an ambulance. He remains in intensive care and will be operated on when his situation improves, Apple Daily reported.

After reviewing the footage from the convenience store’s CCTV cameras, the police issued a warrant for a 1.7m tall man wearing jeans, a light-coloured jacket, a pair of black and white trainers and a dark blue cap. The police also said that he was carrying a black backpack and a black sling bag.

CCTV footage recorded the attack. Photo: Apple Daily.

The police found a man who was wearing clothes that matched that of the suspect at a fast food restaurant in Jordan after a large scale manhunt. The man unsuccessfully resisted arrest and was taken to the Yau Ma Tei Police Station at 8pm, where he was detained overnight for questioning.

The suspect’s right hand was injured, and police believed that he had hurt himself while committing the crime. He has been in Hong Kong for two months and the police are still investigating his background and motive, RTHK reported.


Karen Cheung

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