Longtime lawmaker Lau Wong-fat’s son Kenneth Lau Ip-keung hinted to reporters in Beijing on Friday that there is a “big chance” that his father will leave the Legislative Council, suggesting that this is Lau Wong-fat’s 25th and final year in the lawmaking body.

Kenneth Lau is currently in Beijing attending the state’s annual plenary meeting as a national committee member. He said to reporters in Beijing that his father will gradually leave his positions within the government and enter retirement.

Lau Wong-fat. File Photo: Stand News.

Lau Wong-fat has already resigned from his position as village representative, as district councillor and as the chairman of the Tuen Mun Rural Committee (TMCR). There is a big chance that he will also resign from his position in the Legislative Council, Kenneth Lau said.

The government also announced on Friday that Lau Wong-fat’s ex officio position as the District Councillor of Tuen Mun is vacant. Lau Wong-fat quit his position as the chairman of the Tuen Mun Rural Committee on February 22. According to the District Councils Ordinance, this means that he also gave up his seat in the District Council.

Local media suggested that Lau Wong-fat was suffering from brain cancer last year. Kenneth Lau said his father’s condition was stable and will return home soon from hospital.

The lawmaker was criticised by a Catholic monitor group last year as he has made few contributions to the Legislative Council in the 24 years he has been a member of the body. The group said that other than one motion he moved on behalf of a committee last year, Lau wong-fat has never tabled any motion on his own nor raised any amendment to any bill since 1991.

Last June, Lau Wong-fat was famously late for a LegCo vote on the government’s political reform package, resulting in the bill’s rejection by a far larger margin than expected. Pro-Beijing lawmakers, who later said they wanted to wait for Lau, walked out of the chamber in a failed bid to delay the vote. Although the bill’s rejection had been anticipated, the dramatic episode caused huge embarrassment for the pro-Beijing camp.


Chantal Yuen

Chantal Yuen is a Hong Kong journalist interested in issues dealing with religion and immigration. She majored in German and minored in Middle Eastern studies at Princeton University.