The pro-Beijing Justice Alliance has dismissed its president, Leticia Lee See-yin, over an alleged embezzlement of HK$220,000 in donation funds. Deputy president Choi Hak-kin also announced that Lee had also been expelled from the political party.

justice alliance leticia lee
A press conference held on Wednesday. Photo: HKHermit, via Twitter.

Twenty loanees claimed that Lee had taken HK$1 million from them, including HK$220,000 in donations, which she failed to deposit into the group’s account, reported HK01.

During a press conference on Wednesday, Justice Alliance also accused Lee of using the slogan “support the police, love the country” as an excuse to swindle people. The group alleged that the money was given to Lee in cash, and that she requested all of the loanees sign a non-disclosure agreement.


During a pro-police demonstration on February 14, several demonstrators accused Lee of irregularities in the handling of contributions. Lee denied the accusations in a Facebook post and said that she would hold her accusers liable for defamation.

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Posted by 蘋果日報 on Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Justice Alliance officially became a political party on August 8, 2015. Lee was elected as president internally and said that she would prepare the group for political participation.

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