Former Scholarism member Oscar Lai Man-lok was photoshopped onto a large variety of photos after he was mocked for standing on tiptoes in order to photobomb New Territories East by-election candidates Alvin Yeung and Edward Leung.

oscar lai
Photo: Photoblog HK.

Lai was given a new title, “magnet man of politics”, taking the baton from Hong Kong singer Jinny Ng Yuek-hei, who was called “magnet man” for unsuccessfully photobombing celebrity Cheng Yu-ling, more commonly known as Miss DoDo. Ng suffered the same fate of being photoshopped onto various unrelated photos.

oscar lai man-lok
Oscar Lai standing on tiptoe in order to get into the picture between Alvin Yeung and Edward Leung.

The colloquial term “magnet man” generally refers to people who are attracted to cameras and like to get into photos as long if there is a sliver of space.

Jinny Ng Oscar Lai
Oscar Lai’s head was photoshopped onto the original picture where Jinny Ng was photobombing.

He was also photoshopped into other photos, including historical ones.

oscar lai
Oscar at the Oscars. Photo: HK Golden Forum.
oscar lai leonardo dicaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins an Oscar.
oscar lai
Can you find him?
oscar lai
Oscar at the Royal Wedding.
oscar lai
oscar lai
Oscar with Presidents Xi and Obama.

All photos from HK Golden Forum, unless stated.

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