Around 100 animal welfare protesters dressed up as animals covered in blood and marched from Central to Wan Chai on Sunday afternoon, criticising fur traders for treating animals inhumanely during the acquisition of animal fur.

The protest came as the Hong Kong Fur Federation was holding an international fur and fashion fair at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre last Thursday to Sunday. The animal welfare group, “No Fur Citizens Hong Kong”, said they wanted to raise public awareness of the cruelty of animal fur trade. The group added that some producers would even strip off fur when the animal is alive to save costs.

Some demonstrators entered prestigious shopping mall The Landmark and protested in front of shops selling animal fur.

animal fur trade protest
The protesters appearing inside MTR Central Station. Photo: Hermione Ko, via Facebook.

The International Fur Trade Federation and Hong Kong Fur Federation later issued a joint-statement, “strongly condemning” the anti-fur trade groups for misleading the public and disrupting public order.

animal fur trade protest
Protesters appearing in front of famous brands. Photo: Hermione Ko, via Facebook.

They added they opposed any actions that hampered the well-being of animals, and emphasised that the acquisition of animal fur did not include removing fur when the animals were alive.

animal fur trade protest
The protesters appearing in front of the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre. Photo: Hermione Ko, via Facebook.

According to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), Hong Kong is the world’s largest fur exporter and fur trading centre. In 2014, the total value of Hong Kong’s export of fur clothing reached HK$1.86 billion. A large proportion of Hong Kong’s furskin exports are re-exports from overseas countries to mainland China for producing fur clothing.

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