DAB by-election candidate Holden Chow Ho-ding has alerted the police to alleged defamatory content on his Wikipedia page. Chow and his team condemned such “slander” and “defamation”, and said they might take further legal action.

Holden Chow went to the police headquarters on early Monday morning. The sign he is holding says, “Strongly condemn slander, violation of a fair election.” Photo: Chow Ho-ding, via Facebook.

According to Chow’s Facebook page, his Wikipedia page showed a paragraph saying that he indecently assaulted a woman when he was studying in London in 2000.  It says that the woman did not pursue the case further, and the British police dropped charges due to the lack of evidence.

Chow denied the allegation, saying it was slander and defamation. The content is no longer on the website.

The encircled paragraph details Chow’s alleged involvement in indecently assaulting a woman in London in 2000. Photo: Chow Ho-ding, via Facebook.

Chow went to Wan Chai Police Headquarters on early Monday morning to report the alleged defamation.

“In an election, why do [they] have to use such contemptible means?” said Chow in a video on his Facebook page. “Is it an organised, premeditated attempt to mislead voters to affect the election result?”

Chow is standing as a candidate for the pro-Beijing The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong in the New Territories East by-election to be held on February 28.

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that allows anyone to add or edit pages.

Hermina Wong

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