The Kowloon Motor Bus Company Limited (KMB) has set up a safety review board after another passenger injury involving glass doors occurred on Wednesday.

The passenger was on a KMB 219X double-decker bus when she apparently lost her balance and fell on to the bus door, shattering the glass, according to Sing Tao.

kmb bus accident

This accident came 15 days after a man was severely injured after being thrown out of a bus when the door broke as he fell against it.

KMB said that the 15-year-old 219X bus had passed its inspection on January 19 and that they will submit a report to the Transport Department once the safety review board has finished investigating the accident.

The Transport Department said that they have requested KMB to check all the doors on buses of the same model as the one in the accident. They also urged passengers not to stand too close to bus doors.

Michael Tien Puk-sun. File
Michael Tien Puk-sun. File

“I have sent a letter to [Transport] Department Secretary Cheung Bing-leung, requesting them to set up a committee to consider this matter and to discuss this with all bus operators in Hong Kong,” LegCo Chairman of the Panel on Transport Michael Tien Puk-sun said in an RTHK radio programme. “They could work out a standard for [all buses in] Hong Kong to install protection bars.”

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