Pro-establishment DAB candidate Holden Chow Ho-ding will win the New Territories East by-election because the pan-democratic camp is in disarray, veteran legislative councillor James Tien Pei-chun says.

Tien told Apple Daily that localist Hong Kong Indigenous candidate Edward Leung Tin-kei will impact on votes that would otherwise go to Civic Party candidate Alvin Yeung Ngok-kiu. “What he [Leung] says is very convincing… If Yeung Ngok-kiu loses, it’s because he lost to Leung Tin-kei.”

James Tien speaking to media on February 17.

The Registration and Electoral Office (REO) stands accused by Hong Kong Indigenous of denying free postage for Leung’s electoral mail, as some of the content they wished to mail supposedly contravened the Basic Law, it said.

“The REO has deemed that words including ‘autonomy’ and ‘self-governing’ as ‘sensitive’ and ordered their deletion from the materials,” Hong Kong Indigenous said in a Facebook statement.

Leung went to an English-speaking television debate held by RTHK Radio 3 on Wednesday morning, but three out of the seven candidates were absent.

One of the absentees, barrister Albert Leung Sze-ho, said that he did not think the English language was a necessary requirement to be a legislative councillor, Apple Daily reported.

Hermina Wong

Hermina is a Hong Kong writer and journalist. She graduated with a degree in politics from Cambridge, and is interested in international affairs, particularly those related to China, the EU and the Middle East. She also enjoys political satire.