The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that a “local radical separatist organisation” plotted the riot that erupted in Mong Kok early on Tuesday morning, and backed the actions of Hong Kong Police.

“Hong Kong society has universally expressed strong condemnation of the violence and voiced full support to the police,” said Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei.

Photo: Kris Cheng, HKFP.

He added that the violence committed by the “mobs” caused injury to 89 police officers and journalists. “The violence quickly subsided,” he said, “as the Hong Kong police took effective measures in a professional manner with restraint.”

The Chinese government mouthpiece Xinhua reported that groups, such as DAB, Yau Tsim Mong district councillors, and Federation of Hong Kong Guangdong Community Organisations, have also lent their support to the Hong Kong police.

Photo: Kris Cheng, HKFP.

Pro-establishment DAB, the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, started a street petition campaign in the 18 Hong Kong districts on Thursday, collecting signatures to support the police and condemn violence.

DAB’s vice-chairman Brave Chan Yung told Wenweipo that the unrest in Mong Kok allowed citizens to see clearly between right and wrong. He also said that Hong Kong citizens wanted quality democracy, not “brick revolution”.

The Mong Kok unrest broke out on Monday over the government’s clearing of street hawkers. As of Thursday, 37 people have been charged.

Hermina Wong

Hermina is a Hong Kong writer and journalist. She graduated with a degree in politics from Cambridge, and is interested in international affairs, particularly those related to China, the EU and the Middle East. She also enjoys political satire.