The body of a Hong Kong man missing in Japan has been found by local police, Oriental Daily reports.

Chan Ka-yu was visiting the country on his own before he disappeared. He arrived in Nikko, a small city north of Tokyo, on February 6, and went to the snow-covered Lake Chuzenji. After failing to check into his hotel, the Japanese police were informed. The Hong Kong Immigration Department notified Chan’s family on February 9.

chan ka yu missing japan
Chan posted a picture of his air ticket (left) on Facebook before going missing. Photo of Chan on his Facebook account (right). Photo: Chan Lj, via Facebook.

The news of Chan’s death was confirmed on Thursday when his family flew to Japan to view the body.

The Immigration Department told HKFP said that they will continue to support Chan’s family: “The department will provide any practical assistance according to the family’s wishes.”

japan chan ka yu
Chan posted this picture on Facebook before going missing. Photo: Chan Lj, via Facebook.

Chan had previously mentioned on Facebook that he was traveling to Japan without plans. His last post was published at 3.10pm on February 6, and said that there was a lot of snow and he might not be able to get back before dark. He was not heard from since then.

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