Water pipes in To Kwa Wan burst at the intersection between Fu Ning Street and Shing Tak Street on Sunday afternoon, leaving two holes in the road and causing a flood that was reportedly ankle-deep.

Flooding outside Ma Tau Chung fire station. Photo: Cheri Choy via Facebook.
Flooding outside Ma Tau Chung fire station. Photo: Cheri Choy via Facebook.
Cars going through the flood.
Cars speed through the flood. Photo: Don Mak via Facebook.

According to the Water Services Department (WSD), the cause of the incident was a salt water pipe of 90cm in diameter.

Traffic to Mong Kok was redirected and both Fu Ning Street and Shing Tak Street were blocked off.

Flood in To Kwa Wan
Police cordoned off the road due to flooding. Photo: Chung Wai Chan via Facebook.
Flooding in To Kwa Wan
Photo: Zacchaeus Law via Facebook.

Part of Ma Tau Chung Road near Sung Wong Toi was also temporarily cordoned off yesterday for almost two hours, reopening at around 6pm.

Authorities said that it will take around one to two days to fix the pipes due to the complicated piping network in the area. Water supplies in the area will not be affected.

Mud after To Kwa Wan Flood
Mud left after the flood. Photo: Jessica Mak via Facebook.
Mud left after To Kwa Wan flood 2
Photo: Jessica Mak via Facebook.

Former district council member Rosanda Mok Wai-han told RTHK that pipes had burst at least four times in the same area last year. The area is where new and old pipes connect. The Water Supplies Department conducted renewals of pipes last month.

In a separate incident, pipes burst in Tsuen Wan at around 8:45am on Monday. Flooding was seen on Texaco Road near Yeung Uk Road .

Flooding in Tsuen Wan
Flooding in Tsuen Wan. Photo: Siu Ming Pak.
Flooding in Tsuen Wan
Aerial view of flooding in Tsuen Wan. Photo: Sugo Yung via Facebook.

The police have now sealed off the flooded roads in Tsuen Wan.

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