Former CCTV American anchor Phillip TK Yin announced on January 22, 2016 that he will run for the position of Lieutenant Governor in the state of Washington in the United States on a Republican ticket.

Phillip TK Yin. Photo: CCTV Global Business video screencap via Youtube.

In an interview with Hong Kong outlet The Initium, Yin said that people should not judge him based on CCTV’s relationship with China, and that he “does not agree with everything CCTV broadcasts.”

Yin was previously the anchor on CCTV America’s business show Biz Asia America. He said that he left the station last year not because of media censorship, but to take care of his ailing father.

He said that he is “very proud of his experience at CCTV America and does not regret it in the slightest.”

Speaking with The Initium, Yin said he is as worried as the Hong Kongers. Photo: Todd Darling/HKFP.

Yin also talked about the case of the missing booksellers, saying that he “understands the motives behind what Beijing is doing and what is happening in Hong Kong, and is as worried as Hongkongers.”

The Washington lieutenant governor elections will begin on August 2, 2016, starting with primaries to select candidates to represent various political parties. Brad Owen, a Democrat, has held the seat since 1997.

Chantal Yuen

Chantal Yuen is a Hong Kong journalist interested in issues dealing with religion and immigration. She majored in German and minored in Middle Eastern studies at Princeton University.