Tsing Yi Paint Factory sits glumly on the northwest side of Hong Kong.
A team from HK URBEX explored the derelict site.
They say: “Like dead skin, walls blemished in blood-resembling tones are scattered throughout the structure alongside decrepit Escher-style staircases. Barely a skeleton of what it once was, the network of pillars, supports and staircases that encase the two main buildings are decaying fast, with nature taking over where man once was.”
The dilapidated state of the building once made it popular with war games enthusiasts.
However, after a player injured himself falling into a large hole in one of the floors, a security guard now mans the site.
It is thought the factory was once connected to an old Swire paint making division during Hong Kong’s manufacturing heyday between the 1950s and 70s.

HK URBEX – Visual creators and storytellers on a mission to unearth Hong Kong’s derelict abandoned sites. 

HK Urbex is a group of visual creators and storytellers on a mission to unearth Hong Kong's derelict abandoned sites.