TVB artist Natalis Chan Pak-cheung said on a RTHK show that the Chinese government should always have overall jurisdiction over Hong Kong. He also said Hong Kong should be taken over by China in 2047.

“Are you Chinese? Why can’t [Hong Kong] be governed by China?” the film actor asked the hosts.

“Whether you accept it [universal suffrage] or not makes no difference, because this country is not yours.”

He also said Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying did a better job than the former CE Donald Tsang Yam-kuen, because Leung “served for the lower class.”

Natalis Chan Pak-cheung. Photo: RTHK screengrab.

After the interview, Daisy Wong, host of the show, said in a comment on Facebook that the most difficult part of interviewing Chan was trying not to laugh.

港台節目 我係乜乜乜足本重溫:

Posted by 香港作家王迪詩 on Sunday, 20 December 2015

Chan also criticised Joshua Wong, founder of Scholarism and a student at the Open University of Hong Kong, for not getting “12 As” in public examinations.

“How can I say you are great when you couldn’t even get into the eight universities [in Hong Kong]?” he said.

On Facebook, Wong slammed Chan for not knowing that the top grade a student can attain in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education is 5**, instead of an A.

「我看實質論英雄,考獲12A就是,難道黃之鋒會考到 ? 」其實,幾年前開始既家已經係睇有幾多個5**而唔係有幾多個A架啦,呀叻今鋪上電視獻醜話比全香港聽自已脫曬節,連公開試轉左制都唔知,真係叻到不得鳥。#傑出公關系列#家陣公開試無A架#乜可以考到12科咩#港姐得會考10A咋喎

Posted by 黃之鋒 Joshua on Saturday, 19 December 2015

Some netizens commented that the hosts were biased and not professional, while some said Chan’s comments were inconsistent and superficial.

“If I was born in the 1990s, I think I would probably become the Chief Executive,” Chan said.

Chan is a television host, film actor and producer. He starred in this year’s From Vegas to Macau II. He is also a horse trainer.

Koel Chu

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