67 hours after an industrial area in Shenzhen was struck by a massive landslide, the first survivor was found at the site of the destruction at around 3am on Wednesday.

Tian Zeming, a 21-year-old worker from Chongqing, suffered multiple bone fractures but was in no immediate danger. He appeared clear-headed and told rescuers that there was another survivor nearby. He was sent to Shenzhen Guangming New District Central Hospital.

The affected area is the size of more than 50 football pitches. Photo: southcn.com.

It was said that a second man had been found, but the Guardian reported that he did not survive.

After the disaster, Tian had been trapped in a small enclosed office space and his leg was crushed by cement. However, the walls provided protection and support. There was sufficient air and he was able to communicate with the outside world through a gap, RTHK reported.

Rescuers said that he had no water to drink and was surviving on seeds. Tian knocked pieces of stone fragments together to send out a signal for help.

A chicken was also found around noon. The leader of the rescue team said that he will take it home for rearing.

So far, two bodies have been found at the site. Local authorities announced on Tuesday that the number of missing people had gone down to 76 – 50 men and 26 women – as they had been able to successfully contact some of them. Most of workers in the incident are from Henan.

The State Council has set up an investigation team headed by Minister of Land and Resources Jiang Daming to look into the causes of the disaster. State media reported that a man from Shenzhen Yixianglong Investment and Development, which operates the site struck by the disaster, has been taken away by the police.

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