Many thanks to all who attended our sold out Christmas event on Friday.

Crimes Against Pop

Special thanks to our acts: Crimes Against Pop, Peel Street Poetry, Dorsher M, The Anello, Tim Hamlett, Rye Bautista, Beatrice Wong, TBC Improv HK and The Harmonics.

Peel Street Poets – Daniel Levia.

Thank you to our organisers and supporters: Meaghan McGurgan, Adrian Lo, Jayne Jeje, Orange Peel and Ticketflap.

Dorsher M

Big thanks also to our raffle donors and sponsors: Heliservices Hong Kong, AJ Fitness, Udderbelly Festival Hong Kong, The Flying Winemaker, AESOP skincare, Aiko Art, Coffee Roasters Asia, Aurora Theatre Hong Kong, Kitty N. Wong, Antonio Ho.

Beatrice Wong.
The Harmonics.
Jeff Anello.
Rye Bautista

After costs, HKFP raised just over HK$21,375. Thank you once again to all who attended in support of independent media in Hong Kong.

Silent Night – A festive poem written especially for Hong Kong Free Press by Keisha Siriboe. Performed on Friday by Angus Gallagher.

“Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round young virgin
Mother and child
Holy infant
So tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace”
And while you’re sleeping
Remain calm
Silence your bright minds
Let us think for you
Your ears and eyes must be kept pure
Virginal, tender, and mild
Let us shape the way you see the world
And your place in it
Focus on this hand
While the other robs you blind
Subversive agendas have grown so accustomed to power
They no longer feel the need to hide
So they brazenly maneuver business deals
That circumvent your access to information
Issue red pollution alerts
After you’ve already inhaled the worst of it
Breath it in deeply
And sleep
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep yourselves into a Phillipians chapter 4 verse 8 lull
Think on these things brothers and sisters
Whatever is true, our economy is growing
Whatever is noble, more jobs have been added
Whatever is right, recycle your disposables
Whatever is pure, fitness is important
Whatever is lovely, submissive, and demure
Whatever is admirable: wealth, power, and control
If anything is excellent or praiseworthy
“Well that’s the news from Lake Woebegone, where all the women are strong, all of the
men are good-looking, and the children are all above average”
Think about such things
Biblical proportions of bullshit
Copy pasted and newspaper printed
Hong Kong Free Press
Press forward
Press towards the mark of the high calling
A calling to tell the truth like it is
To wake us up from our peaceful slumber
We’re living in the Matrix and we know it
But there is no pill to swallow
No way to become unplugged
The night is too silent
The powers that be are trying to make the truth a holy thing
Only accessible to the sacred few gathered in the inner courts of privilege
While the rest of us are told
is calm
is bright
Our lives are under surveillance
So sleep
Sleep in heavenly peace
Or wake up
and fight like Hell.

Photography by Adrian Lo.

Hong Kong Free Press

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