According to a statement released by the Singapore Police Force, 17-year-old blogger Amos Yee is again under police investigation, after he allegedly made offensive anti-Islamic comments on his personal blog.

In a November 27 blog post, Yee wrote about former Singapore Nominated Member of Parliament Calvin Cheng and allegedly made anti-Islamic comments. He expressed similar sentiments in a Facebook post the next day.

Photo: Amos Yee via Facebook

On December 12, the police force released a statement notifying Yee that he must appear before them over the issue. Yee has described the communication and uploaded a photograph of the police statement on his Facebook page.

So yesterday morning at 9, policemen motherfuckers, this time from jurong police division, told me I was under…

Posted by Amos Yee on Sunday, 13 December 2015

According to Yee’s Facebook page, he did not make himself available for the investigation and is evading the police. In his latest post, he has reassured his family and supporters that he is safe.

The investigation comes after Yee was convicted in May and found guilty of two charges: one of offending the sentiments of Christians in an explosive video comparing Singapore’s founding prime minister Lee Kuan-yew with Jesus Christ, and the second for posting an obscene doctored image featuring Lee and former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in a sexual position. The image was banned from publication in Hong Kong.

Photo: Amos Yee and the obscene image featuring Lee Kuan-yew and Margaret Thatcher.

Yee’s prison sentence was criticised by the United Nations Human Rights Office for Southeast Asia for being “disproportionate and inappropriate in terms of the international protections for freedom of expression and opinion.”

Yee regularly shares outspoken blog posts and expletive-laced videos critical of the Singaporean government, among other subjects. Earlier this year,  a Singaporean court ordered him to undergo a mental health assessment.

Medhavi Arora is in her final year at the University of Hong Kong studying Journalism and International Relations. Her print, video and multimedia pieces have been featured in the Times of India and CNN-IBN. She is a former intern at UN Women and has additional experience in sustainability, international affairs and communications.