Two men were arrested on Wednesday night after fighting inside the Hung Hom MTR station.

Warning: violent scene.

1915 紅磡火車站 地產佬打港鐵職員 (片段由市民提供)最新跟進:差人拉晒港鐵職員同地產佬,「在公眾地方打架」

Posted by Lau Ting On on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A video posted on Facebook showed a man in a white shirt repeatedly punching another in a yellow MTR staff vest. Onlookers tried to separate the pair, who were wrestling on the ground. Police confirmed to HKFP that a 42-year-old MTR staff member surnamed Cheung was involved in the brawl. The other, surnamed Poon, aged 20, was said to be a property agent.

The scuffle happened outside the paid area of the station at around 7pm, a police spokesman said. Both were sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital with head injuries. They were detained on suspicion of fighting in a public place.

Vivienne Zeng is a journalist from China with three years' experience covering Hong Kong and mainland affairs. She has an MA in journalism from the University of Hong Kong. Her work has been featured on outlets such as Al Jazeera+ and MSNBC.