A new propaganda video by terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) featuring Taiwan as a sovereign country has stirred mixed feelings among Taiwanese netizens.

In the video called “No Respite”, ISIS lists a “global coalition” of 60 nations who are its enemies.

isis taiwan flag
Photo: Screenshot from ISIS video.

The Republic of China is on the list with the ROC flag placed alongside that of the United States, Britain, China and others.

Some Taiwanese netizens joked this means the ROC is “one big step closer towards joining the United Nations.” Others were unhappy about the trouble “brought to Taiwan by the Americans.”

“Good things never come to us,” one commentator on Taiwan’s Apple Daily news website said.

“Please bring down America first before coming to Taiwan,” another wrote.

Some said they will stop going to crowded public places such as the 101 Tower in Taipei.

However, others were not intimidated. “Bring it on ISIS, we grew up with threats from the KMT and Chinese Communist Party.”

Taiwan, an island nation of 23 million, is marginalised internationally with few recognising its sovereignty because communist China claims it to be a breakaway province despite having no control over its governance. Earlier this month, the highest leaders of the two nations across the Taiwan Strait met in Singapore at a landmark summit. The issue of Taiwan’s marginalisation was among the topics discussed.

Vivienne Zeng is a journalist from China with three years' experience covering Hong Kong and mainland affairs. She has an MA in journalism from the University of Hong Kong. Her work has been featured on outlets such as Al Jazeera+ and MSNBC.