A court in China found three people guilty of negligent homicide on Thursday after they allowed a two-year-old boy to consume alcohol, resulting in his death.

The incident took place in Panzhihua, Sichuan this April, when a man surnamed Hui brought his two-year-old son, Yuanyuan, to a friend’s house, Sina News reported. At the gathering, the four friends chatted over drinks, during which the child’s father became drunk. The other three adults then allowed the child to consume 100 millilitres of Baijiu, a strong Chinese liquor which has an alcohol content of around 40-60 percent.

three adults guilty alcohol
The three were found guilty. Photo: wccdaily.com.cn.

Hui noticed later in the evening that Yuanyuan’s limbs appeared stiff and that he had a fever. The boy was then rushed to the hospital but after two days he passed away. Doctors said that the death was caused by respiratory and circulatory failure which was caused by the alcohol overdose. The boy’s family then brought the case to court.

Earlier this week, the court convicted the three and sentenced them to a term of between two years and 34 months in prison.

cartoon of drunk child
Photo: Anhui Wei Shi

Many netizens expressed their outrage upon learning about the incident. One asked: “Their ignorance resulted in this tragedy… how are these adults so lacking in common sense?” Another questioned what was wrong with the parents: “100ml of baijiu is too much for some adults, let alone kids! This is murder!”

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