By Anshuman Das

I woke up to a view of the Victoria Harbour this morning. Its magnificence was almost lacklustre. The mighty sun peeped through the veil of haze that fills most of our days and also our nights. My gaze fell upon the prism on the window sill. I picked it up and held it high. Sure enough, the sun’s rays split into a brilliant display of rainbow colours. It’s Pride day again. Another year has gone by. So much has changed for the LGBT community around the world — some bad, but mostly good. Alas, nothing has changed in Hong Kong. We are still bound by the invisible chains of religion and tradition.

Photo: Luca Sartoni via Wikicommons.

But who has kept us tied down?

Are they the ones that claim to have found God, those holy people who speak of the truth and the light but continue to lead others into darkness? Those that claim to have understood the thousand-year-old texts they happily misuse to promote hatred?
Are they the ones that sit in high places and are in charge of the laws of the land? Are they burying us down under the weight of yet another meticulously executed year-long survey of our opinion, the results of which they will efficiently sweep under the carpet of laziness and inaction?

No, my friends, we are all to blame, each one of us. We carry the latest gadgets, we fly around the world, we have access to hundreds of news outlets. We are well-informed. We are intelligent. We are capable too. But we have chosen to be indifferent. We are resigned to our fate. We have allowed ourselves to be blinded by prejudice. We have allowed ourselves to be led. We have given up our faith and determination in making the right choice. Don’t get me wrong for it is indeed a matter of choice, unlike sexual orientation, which actually is not. I am not a leader for I can neither influence others nor do I want to. I can only think for myself and make choices that make my heart happy. I don’t think this is selfish. If we don’t love ourselves, how can we love others?

Last year’s Hong Kong gay pride parade.

When I wake up tomorrow morning, I hope you will wake up with me. I will join the thousands of people marching for equal rights. I hope you will walk with us too. I will have the courage to stand shoulder to shoulder with the tireless warriors who believe in love. I hope you will believe in love too. Let us choose to shed our limiting and outdated tribal beliefs today and live a befitting legacy for our future generations.

I believe heaven is not some place else. It is here in Hong Kong and it up to us how beautiful we want to make it. #Love #Peace #HappyThoughts

Ansh Das (aka AD) is an IT nerd in the morning, an author by noon, an activist in the evening, and a healer by night. That sequence may change a few times in any direction during the course of the day.

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