The Hong Kong Police have explained that only three officers are in charge of their new Facebook page, instead of 19 mentioned by the government at the Legislative Council on Wednesday.

A comic posted on the Facebook page on Thursday afternoon showed a meeting of the Police Public Relations Branch in which an officer, supposedly a superintendent, questions his colleagues about the quality of their social media content.

“It’s been reported that we have 19 people managing the Facebook page, if so, our posts should be of ‘Hollywood’-grade, what do you say?”

The police comic
The police comic. Photo: Hong Kong Police.

One officer said: “We need to manage mass media liaison, and a lot of support duties…” The other responded: “We need to manage the police website, mobile application, and the YouTube account… Not free.”

The officer in charge of the Facebook page said: “If you want ‘Hollywood’-grade posts, you guys need to stop working on other things and fully commit to help us three with managing Facebook…” The officer complaining about lack of manpower was then thrown of a window by his angry superior.

The comic is apparently an adaption of the popular comic “boardroom suggestion” originally made by comic site Hejibits in 2012.

Boardroom Suggestion.
Boardroom Suggestion. Photo:

Among commenters supporting the police, there were also some more mixed opinions on the comic.

A parody of the comic.
A parody of the comic. Photo:

One said: “Your main task is removing comments right?” Another wrote: “Great, spending HK$500,000 for a Facebook page.” As police officers start at some HK$20,000 a month, netizens estimated the team of 19 would spend at least HK$500,000 a month.

Kris Cheng

Kris Cheng

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