Secretary for Food and Health Ko Wing-man has said that the government’s policy of refusing bookings by non-local pregnant women for delivery in Hong Kong will remain. The announcement on Friday came after China axed its long-standing “one-child” policy.

The controversial family planning policy is to be abandoned with authorities set to allow couples to have two children, state media announced on Thursday.

When asked by reporters if the change in China would increase pressure upon Hong Kong and its healthcare system, Ko said that he will observe the developing situation but would not draw any conclusions yet.

“The government will be carefully monitoring border controls, and will enhance the promotion of the educational work,” he said.

File Photo: Ko Wing-man. Photo: Gov HK.

Ko added that there has been no rise in cases of pregnant women being rushed to emergency rooms without undergoing checkups beforehand.

Baby milk powder
On the impact of the supply of formula milk powder, Ko said that the export restrictions formula will remain in force and that the government will be vigilant in monitoring the market supply.

“There is no intention, nor sufficient evidence, to consider removing the export restrictions,” he added.

He said any change to the policy will only be considered if and only if the government is confident that there are enough supplies for local mothers will still be able to buy formula milk powder for babies.


Kris Cheng

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