The MTR Corporation is to introduce a special registration system for passengers carrying large musical instruments on to the metro system. Such passengers will only be allowed into the system during off-peak hours.

MTRC Operations Director Jacob Kam told a press conference on Tuesday that there will still be a cap on size to ensure the safety of commuters.

MTRC Operations Director Jacob Kam
MTRC Operations Director Jacob Kam. Photo: RTHK Screencap.

“We believe we will be able to launch it within a month of November… For very large items like pianos, or grand pianos or harps, we do not believe they are appropriate for transportation on the mass transit railway,” Kam said.

The announcement follows a protest where passengers accused the company of applying luggage rules inconsistently and harassing musicians.

mtr protest
Photo: SocRec.

Last month, a Baptist University music student was warned by MTR staff after bringing their cello into Tai Wai station.

The MTRC says that more details will be announced at the end of October.

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