A porcupine was spotted wandering around the Citibank Tower in Central at around 3am on Monday morning.

Photo: Gino Ng via Facebook.

An eyewitness posted a video to Facebook showing the porcupine seeking shelter under a nearby structure.

Most netizens were concerned with the wellbeing of the spikey rodent and were unsure of the animal’s fate should the authorities be informed.

Photo: Gino Ng via Facebook.

One netizen pointed out that, as porcupines are protected under the Wild Animals Protection Ordinance, they will first be given a checkup by a vet with Kadoorie Farm, and then released back into the wild.

The porcupine – enemy of village dogs across the New Territories. Photo: Gino Ng via Facebook.

Other commenters posted images of previous police-wildlife standoffs.

Photo: Take Kwok via Facebook.

Porcupine sightings are not uncommon in Hong Kong. Last year, porcupines – usually nocturnal – were spotted in Pokfulam and in North Point. This August, a morning jogger also found a porcupine trapped in a catchwater in Tseun Wan. It was taken away by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and released back into the wild.


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