The University of Hong Kong Student Union President Billy Fung Jing-en has spoken out after leaking details of a key HKU Council meeting at the heart of the academic freedom controversy.

In a film by OutFocus Productions, he speaks about facing expulsion and and why anyone else would have done the same.

【洩密以後 After The Whistleblowing】【洩密以後 After The Whistleblowing】「無私、不偏不倚、客觀、承擔、公開、誠實、以身作則」是港大校務委員會成員行為守則的七大標準。校委會否決任命陳文敏擔任學術及人事資源副校長後,港大學生會會長馮敬恩召開記者會披露會議討論任命的內容,引來各建制中人批評「大話精、無誠信、不盡不實」。馮將會面對紀律委員會處分,有機會被開除學籍,或面對訴訟。馮敬恩:「老實說最不想就是被踢出校,誰進入港大想被人踢走。」港大學術自由受到近年最嚴峻考驗,校外政治勢力伸入校園。校委會各權貴醜暗的一面,憑一名學生捨信取義,獨力揭發於人前,隨之而來的後果,也由馮同學一力承擔。馮敬恩:「在適當的時機,香港大學總有人拯救它。我想我們需要一個時機。我在那身位,似乎只有我可以做這件事。我相信換轉另一個人在這個位置,他也會這樣做。」特別鳴謝 Delight Media Hong Kong ‘Selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honestly and leadership’ are the seven principals of conduct for Members of the Council for University of Hong Kong.After HKU Council’s rejection of Johannes Chan Man-mun’s candidature for the University’s pro-vice-chancellor, Billy Fung Jing-en, President of the Hong Kong University Students’ Union, leaked confidential details of the council meeting in a press conference. Fung may face punishment from the Disciplinary Committee, and he can get expelled or sued in court as punishment.Billy Fung: ‘To be frank, expulsion is the worst that could happen. Who would want to get expelled after getting into HKU?’The academic freedom in HKU is under the most serious threat of recent years, with external political power interfering with business in the campus.Biily Fung: ‘I’m confident that there will be people rescuing HKU at the right time, so I think what we need is the right moment. It seems that now I’m the only one in the position to do that. Even if it was another person at my position, he would definitely have done the same.’Special thanks to Delight Media Hong Kong

Posted by OutFocus Productions on Saturday, 3 October 2015

Explainer: The HKU Council pro-vice-chancellor debacle


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