Yau Tong’s Su-Pa-De-Pa supermarket is under fire after photographs of a cockroach at the store’s bakery were shared online.

Photo: Sai Fung Ng, via Facebook.

Images posted on Saturday by Sai Fung Ng on Facebook generated over 100 comments from disgusted netizens.

Su-pa-de-pa supermarket.

A spokesperson for ParknShop, which owns the Su-Pa-De-Pa chain, told HKFP that a professional pest control contractor had swept the site.

“Hygiene is our top priority. The store has deep cleaned the counter immediately… Our Quality Assurance Department also conducts regular surveillance to ensure hygiene conditions. It is following up this incident with our pest control contractor to further strengthen the pest control in the store.”

In April, Maxim cakes was fined HK$7,000 after a cockroach was found in a woman’s lunch box.


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