HKFP is a media sponsor for this year’s 2015 Pride Parade. The annual LGBTQ rally will be held on Saturday, November 7, 2015.

pride parade
Hong Kong Pride Parade 2014, Stand Up For Diversity.

The theme of this year’s gathering is “Yell Out For Equality.” It will kick off at 2pm – revellers will march from Causeway Bay.

Supporters of the LGBTQ community are set to proceed to Tamar Park, where there will be performances and exhibition booths.

gay pride parade

“We hope that this year’s Hong Kong Pride Parade can enlighten you, so that you can embrace those who are different from you and see that they are far from frightening. What actually brings harm to society are: discrimination, prejudice, hatred and thoughts of excluding difference. Our society is composed of tens of thousands of individuals – all different from one another,” organisers said.

gay pride parade

Participants of the parade are encouraged to wear yellow, which is the official dress code.

“Oscar Wilde, an Irish poet was imprisoned because of ‘the love that dare not speak its name’. Coincidently, he was holding a ‘yellow book’ on the day he was arrested… Researches in psychology state that things written in yellow are usually hard to forget. We hope the theme colour this year will remind every one about equality,” the organisers explained.

gay pride parade

The parade’s mascot, a giraffe, embodies the spirit of the Cantonese idiom “Waiting till our necks become long”, representing that idea that LGBTQ people have been waiting and fighting for over 20 years to eliminate discrimination.

gay pride parade giraffe poster

Visit for more details about the parade.

Guest contributors for Hong Kong Free Press.