The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) has said that it will not prosecute anyone over the hanging of the “I want genuine universal suffrage” banner from Lion Rock Country Park last October, RTHK reported.

The “I want genuine democracy” banner. Photo: Apple Daily.

Although a group of climbers had claimed responsibility, the AFCD said that they have completed the relevant investigations and that there is insufficient evidence available for a prosecution. The original banner is currently still in the possession of the department.

The large yellow pro-democracy banner was first seen hanging from the highest point of Lion Rock during the Occupy movement last year and was quickly removed by authorities. Other activists soon began hanging similar banners across bridges and at other locations. The department said that there were 13 cases of illegal banners being attached to the Lion Rock between last October and this August.

The AFCD reminded the public that it is illegal to hang banners or flags inside country parks without prior approval because the articles may pose a danger to the public if loosened in the wind. The department also said that it will strengthen its patrols in country parks to prevent similar incidents from recurring.

On Sunday, a yellow banner was seen hanging on the bridge connecting Admiralty Centre and the government headquarters. It was quickly taken down by the police.


Karen Cheung

Karen is a journalist and writer covering politics and legal affairs in Hong Kong for HKFP. She has also written features on human rights, public space, regional legal developments, social and grassroots activism, and arts & culture. She is a BA and LLB graduate from the University of Hong Kong.