Ocean Park officially welcomed three new animals to the theme park on Monday, including a golden snub-nosed monkey from Sichuan, a Hoffman’s two-toed sloth baby, and an Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphin, Stand News reported.

A Hoffman’s two-toed sloth baby. Photo: Ocean Park.

The Hoffman’s two-toed sloth baby, who lives with its parents in the “Rainforest” section of the park, was born this June. Ocean Park said that the baby was active and healthy and has been learning how to climb up a tree branch.

Photo: Ocean Park.

Qi Qi, golden snub-nosed monkey from Sichuan, moved into the park’s Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures in August. He has now befriended two other monkeys, Le Le and Hu Hu.

Photo: Ocean Park.
Photo: Ocean Park.

Another new addition to the Ocean Park family is Halo, a bottlenose dolphin born in July. Currently, Halo is breastfed by her mother Angel and will only start consuming fish meat when she is two months old.

Red Panda Rou Rou began showing signs of pregnancy in August, but the park confirmed on Monday that it was merely a false pregnancy. Rou Rou’s hormonal levels have since returned to normal.

Red Panda. Photo: Ocean Park.

In July, the Guinness World Records announced that Ocean Park’s giant panda Jia Jia, which turns 37 this summer, has become the longest living panda in captivity in the world.


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