Netizens have compiled lists of the wackiest mooncake flavours they have come across ahead of this year’s Mid-autumn Festival on September 27.

chocolate beef mooncake
Chocolate and spicy beef flavoured mooncake. Photo:

One mooncake which has a chocolate coating and spicy beef filling is rumoured to be the creation of a chef who once had a girl use it as an example of an impossible combination, telling him, “this is just like the way chocolate does not go with beef”.

foie gras mooncake
Foie gras flavoured mooncake. Photo: Sohu.

A list on the mainland forum, Sohu, identified the “LV” of mooncakes as being one made from a combination of three ingredients that will surely make it a hit with the upper-class: custard, truffles, and foie gras.

instant noodle mooncake
Instant noodle mooncake. Photo: Sohu.

Netizens on mainland forums have rated the mooncakes based on how gross the flavours are reckoned to be, with the chive-flavoured, garlic-flavoured and fish-flavoured mooncakes topping the charts. “They get five stars for mental pollution,” one said.

fermented tofu mooncake
Fermented tofu mooncake. Photo: Sohu.

“Is this meant to be sweet or savoury?” one netizen asked.

chive and egg mooncake
Chive and egg mooncake.

The chive and egg mooncake, which originated from the Chiuchow region, has been called “disgusting” by internet users and has even taken the crown for the scariest mooncake on a list of “mooncakes of darkness”.

Preserved vegetable and pork mooncake.
Pickled vegetable and pork mooncake.

Surprisingly, a mooncake variation with pickled vegetables and pork filling has been said to “taste like heaven” and shops in Hangzhou have seen a flurry of customers snatching them up.

bamboo charcoal mooncake
The bamboo charcoal mooncake. Photo: Sohu.

The bamboo charcoal mooncake has been claimed to have health benefits, with the ability to absorb the toxins in one’s body.

Some people have also created their own variations. “A friend gave me his homemade mooncakes last year…they were unforgettable. The first one was a mooncake with sausage and chives, and the second was made with green pepper and pig’s liver. I felt sick afterwards,” one internet user said.

A recent survey by Green Power found that Hong Kong people love giving mooncakes as presents but apparently hate receiving them from others. That did not stop two thieves from stealing eighty-four boxes of mooncakes worth a total of HK$20,000 from a Maxim’s Cakes branch in Cheung Sha Wan earlier this month.

On Friday, Apple Daily reported that counterfeit Maxim and Wing Wah mooncakes were being sold at Longgang in Shenzhen.

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