The body of a hiker who worked as a driver at the China Liaison Office was found on a hiking trail near Mount Parker in Quarry Bay on Sunday.

Yip Chiu-tung, 62, went hiking alone on Saturday but did not return home. His family members notified the police later that day and a search party was sent out. Yip’s daughter also appealed for help on Facebook.

The search crew at Mount Parker. Photo: 香港消防新聞 via Facebook.

His body was discovered by a female hiker near a reservoir at Shau Kei Wan at 4pm on Sunday. He was pronounced dead at the scene and Yip’s family confirmed his identity. The police believed that the deceased, who suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure, had collapsed during his hike.

The deceased hiker.

According to Yip’s daughter, Yip had worked at the China Liaison Office as a driver for over ten years. Yip lived in the Yiu Fu Estate at Shau Kei Wan with his daughter and his wife. His daughter said that Yip began hiking weekly around three years ago for health reasons, and would usually return home after two hours.

Dr. John Wong, sports medicine consultant at the Hong Kong Sports Institute, said that it was normally safe for those with diabetes and high blood pressure to take such exercise, but hiking alone could be dangerous as there would be no one to assist them in the event of a sudden collapse.

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