The WMA Open Photo Contest is an initiative of WYNG Media held annually. The theme this year is identity. The public can vote on the winning images through an online platform. Click here for Part One.

Photo: Xyza Cruz Bacani
hidden identity mask
Photo: Cody Wong
photo in half
Photo: Alvin Ku
the man without clothes
Photo: Woody Luk
man with bicycle
Photo: Lai Yat Nam
youths with dreams
 Photo: Phey Palma
old an stands proud of himself
Photo: Chi Kin Chan
empty ceiling
Photo: YanSing Cheung
a common guy
Photo: William Leung
Photo: Kam Chuen Hkavmode Dung
spiderman I am not a hero
Photo: Kam Chuen Hkavmode Dung
daily life
Photo: 師 張
the truth under the skin
Photo: Daniel Kong
the divide
Check out the full set of the pictures here.

Guest contributors for Hong Kong Free Press.