Twin typhoons Goni and Atsani are expected to bring sweltering heat to Hong Kong as the cyclones hit neighbouring regions, with maximum temperatures expected to reach 33 degrees Celsius on Monday.

Goni caused severe destruction as it tore through Philippines, bringing floods, landslides and tornadoes to the country. At least 15 people have been killed and 12 are missing, it was reported.

The typhoon has also claimed one life in Japan and brought record winds to the region. The winds on the Ishigakijima island reached up to 158.8 mph, breaking the Japanese Meterological Agency site’s record of 157 mph wind gust set 31 July 1997, according to

Atsani, which was earlier categorised as a super typhoon, has since been downgraded to a typhoon and is not expected to strike any land.

Tropical cyclones in the region. Photo: Earth.

According to the Hong Kong Observatory website, Severe Typhoon Goni is forecast to move northeast across the the vicinity of Ryukyu Islands at about 30 kilometres per hour, in the general direction of Kyushu, Japan and Korea over the next two days. A continental airstream is bringing very hot and fine weather to the coast of Guangdong in the next couple of days.

9-Day Weather Forecast. Photo: HKO.

“A broad trough of low pressure is expected to bring unsettled weather to the northern part of the South China Sea in the latter part of this week and early next week,” said the Observatory report.

At 9am on Monday, the air temperature was 30 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity 72 per cent. The maximum temperature on Monday is expected to reach around 33 degrees Celsius.

The weather forecast for Hong Kong is mainly fine but hazy, with isolated showers and light winds.


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