Temperatures in Hong Kong will continue to climb this week as twin typhoons Goni and Atsani push across the north-western Pacific Ocean.

Forecast course of Typhoon Goni. Photo: ATCF.

Goni is set to become a super typhoon by the time it makes landfall in Taiwan on Sunday, August 23. On the same day, the mercury is expected to hit 34 degrees Celsius in Hong Kong. The eye of Goni is expected to pass directly over Taiwan, impacting eastern China as well as the Japan’s Ryuku Islands.

Typhoons Goni and Atsani. Photo: Himawari-8 satellite.

Several hundred kilometers to the east of Goni, Atsani has been developing more gradually but is also is predicted to become a super typhoon early on Thursday. It is set to peak with 259-kph sustained winds and 315-kph gusts from Thursday evening into Friday.

Forecast course of Typhoon Atsani. Photo: ATCF.

As Atsani continues tracking west, the typhoon remains on course to pass Iwo Jima later this week before tracking north-west, potentially posing a threat to mainland Japan.

Photo: HKO.

Although both typhoons will bypass Hong Kong, more Very Hot Weather Warnings are expected in the comings days under the influence of the typhoons’ outside subsiding air.


Ryan Kilpatrick

Ryan Kilpatrick is a local writer, journalist and editor. Formerly National Online Editor for the That's magazine group in China, his work on the history and politics of the region has earned him the CEFC Award in Modern China Studies and has also appeared in China Economic Review, Asian Studies Review, China Green News, e-International Relations, Shanghaiist and various publications at his alma mater, the University of Hong Kong, where he is currently enrolled in the Master of Journalism programme.