Shenzhen traffic police have revealed that the majority of jaywalkers in the city share the star sign Libra. The news came after a city-wide crackdown on offenders.

The force investigated 9,511 jaywalkers during an operation in the first week of August and published a chart of the top offenders’ star signs, according to mainland media. In the same week, the police also forced culprits to don green hats and hi-visibility vests.

Libras, Virgos and Scorpios made up the top three, nearly 30 percent of the total number of offenders.

Those sharing the Aries and Taurus star signs were the most law-abiding, consisting of only 14 percent.

The statistics also showed that over 80 percent of the offenders were men aged between 18-50. The most common repeat offenders are Virgos.

Chart showing horoscopes of offenders. Photo: Nan Hai Wang

The chart attracted criticism online. Some internet users said the star sign analysis was “silly.” One user commented that the the police “could redirect their efforts towards prosecuting trucks that violate parking regulations instead.”

The police responded that the analysis “did not carry any special implications” and that netizens could interpret it however they wished.

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