600 year old walled village goes up in flames amid stalled plans for redevelopment

The last remaining walled village in Kowloon went up in flames overnight amid a years-long disagreement over redevelopment plans. A store containing metal and wooden objects ignited at around 4am on Tuesday at Nga Tsin Wai Tsuen. The walled village has a history of around 600 years. Flames reached up to five metres in height and affected nearby houses and stores. 衙前圍村起火 燒毀多間村屋【火燒衙前圍】有村民懷疑:「成晚都好大雨,冇理由一個煙頭會搞到咁」,擔心是次火警涉及「收村問題」。【衙前圍村起火 […]