Eight members of the same family were swept to their deaths when a flash flood surged through a riverside restaurant outside Xi’an city in Central China.

The flood struck Xiaoyuhecun Valley amid the heaviest rains recorded in the area in 30 years., carrying bodies and debris miles downstream.

Locals helped carry a body away. Photo: Internet
Four bodies were recovered in a dam two kilometres away from the riverside restaurant. Photo: Internet

Eight members of one family were reported dead, while a ninth was missing, according to news website hsw.cn.

Local government officials said a team of about 300 rescuers were at the site on Tuesday morning.

Landslides triggered by the heavy rain had blocked roads leading into the valley, delaying the rescue and recovery mission.

The valley has become a popular tourist spot in recent years. Photo: Internet
The rescue team searched for survivors. Photo: Xinhua
A sign in the rescue area that says do not enter the valley on rainy days. Photo: HSW.

By Kuma Chow