North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un has thanked the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army for assisting the Korean people to realise their “independence and freedom”.

Kim Jong-un (middle) paying respect to the Chinese soldiers. Photo: Sina News.

Kim made the comments as the secretive country celebrated the victory day of the Fatherland Liberation War, commonly known as the Korean War, on July 27. He also laid flowers for the Chinese soldiers at a Martyrs’ Park in South Pyongan Province.

Kim laying flowers at the Martyrs’ Park. Photo: Sina News.

Sina News reported the Matryr’s Park was built in 1957 to honour the Chinese soldiers killed in action.

The Korean People’s Army. Photo: Sina News.

The Korean War broke out between the two Koreas in 1950 and lasted for more than three years. The war occurred as a result of the division of Korea arrangement after World War II, where Soviet Union and United States each controlled half of the Korean peninsula. North Korea, supported by the Soviet Union and China, subsequently invaded the south in 1950, triggering the war.

Korea remains separated as two different countries with opposing ideologies.

Eric Cheung

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