Shouting matches ensued as pro-Beijing group Justice Alliance and pro-localism group Civic Passion faced off during protests supporting and opposing the police force on Saturday.

Outspoken pro-Beijing activist Leticia Lee See-yin led the Justice Alliance to organise a pro-police protest at Chater Garden in Central on Saturday. About 100 people attended the protest, according to media reports. Lee was seen dancing and playing the role of a “school girl” during a mock stage drama parodying last year’s pro-democracy Occupy protests.

1730 中環遮打花園支持警察團體跳舞表演,現場氣氛高漲記者: Ching

Posted by SocREC 社會記錄頻道 on Saturday, 1 August 2015

Lee said the demonstration was to remind people of the police’s “hard work” during the Occupy protests in 2014, according to Wenweipo. She told the pro-Beijing newspaper that alleged police abuse cases, including superintendent Chu King-wai’s alleged assault on pedestrians and the Ken Tsang case, were only “individual incidents” and did not represent the overall performance of the police force.

Priscilla Leung (left) and Leticia Lee (right). Photo: SocREC 社會記錄頻道, via Facebook.

Priscilla Leung Mei-fun, a lawyer and legislator from the pro-Beijing party, the Business and Professionals Alliance for Hong Kong, was also seen speaking on stage during the rally.

The “pro-police” group, led by Leticia Lee (middle), marching to Police Headquarters. Photo: 撐警大聯盟, via Facebook.

The group was later seen marching to the police headquarters in Wan Chai, where they shouted slogans including “Love Hong Kong, support our police force.”

At the same time, localist group Civic Passion staged a protest on the other side of Chater Garden, accusing the police force of abusing its power. Police separated both groups with barricades, but shouting matches erupted as protesters vented their emotions.

【「反黑警,抗暴政」集會】市民向撐警大聯盟喝倒采撐警大聯盟於遮打花園的集會正式開始,隨即有反對市民聚集喝倒采。直播連結: PM)

Posted by PassionTimes 熱血時報 on Saturday, 1 August 2015

Civic Passion, led by localist figure Wong Yeung-tat, tore the flag of the Communist Party of China during the protests.

【「反黑警,抗暴政」集會】撕毀共產黨旗「紅磡人」代表與黃洋達一齊撕毀共產黨旗。直播連結: PM)

Posted by PassionTimes 熱血時報 on Saturday, 1 August 2015

The police force has drawn criticism recently following a number of alleged abuse cases during last year’s Occupy protests. In July, a study by the Chinese University of Hong Kong revealed that local people’s trust in the police force has fallen to a “new low”.

During the pro-police demonstration, a protester allegedly damaged a reporter’s camera by “kissing” the lens, after he persistently filmed her.

The protester “kissing” the camera lens. Photo: SocREC 社會記錄頻道, via Facebook.

1500 中環遮打花園【撐警遊行女市民親吻相機足本版影片曝光】是日下午,組織「撐警大聯盟」於中環遮打花園舉行「撐警」週年遊行。遊行前夕,一名外籍記者以相機進行記錄時,一名參與「撐警」遊行的女士多番阻撓該記者記錄。其後該位女士以口「親吻」該記者的相機,其後離去。記者Lung

Posted by SocREC 社會記錄頻道 on Saturday, 1 August 2015

The journalist later reported the case to the police.

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