From forcing your child to spend hours at music practice to demanding they get straight As, here’s another thing to add to the list of so-called tiger parenting methods – making them kowtow.

A video sent to Apple Daily showed a girl, aged around six years, apologising profusely and bowing her head to the ground several times as her mother reportedly scolded her for something she did wrong during badminton practice.

The incident took place on a street outside the Tai Hing Sports Centre in Tuen Mun around 11am on Thursday morning. The mother was said to be mad at her daughter because she was not looking the right way during practice.

As the pair left the sports centre, the woman was reported to have shouted at the girl: “Go on! Carry on walking. Don’t come home with me.”

kowtow tuen mun tai hing
Screengrab of a video showing a six-year-old girl kowtowing in front of her mother after badminton practice.

The girl then knelt in front of her mother and began to kowtow, saying: “I know I did wrong, I’m sorry.”

The person who filmed the incident, identified only as Cheng, said he shot the video from the basketball court opposite the sports centre and told the paper the girl had kowtowed between 10 to 20 times, until the mother took her away.

tai hing tuen mun
Tai Hing Sports Centre in Tuen Mun. photo: Google street view.

He added that several people had walked past the pair and ignored what was going on, while a man with an umbrella eventually attempted to take the mother to task but was ignored.

The term ‘tiger mother’ is often used to describe strict Chinese parenting, where the children are pressured to overperform and overachieve.

Vicky Wong

Vicky Wong

Vicky is a British-born Chinese journalist with three years of experience covering UK politics. She previously worked for PoliticsHome and has interned at Sky News and CNN International. She also co-produced and filmed a documentary about the Hong Kong protests for MSNBC, which won the grand student prize at the 2015 Human Rights Press Awards. She has a BA in Politics and International Relations from the University of Reading and moved to Hong Kong in 2014 to complete a journalism masters at the University of Hong Kong.